Hollywood Transporter 3 problem

Just had one of those crazy ideas again... :grin:
If u have watched transporter 3 movie, u would know of device put in the actors wrists.
From wiki Transporter 3 - Wikipedia :smiley:

Both have a device attached to their wrists which is wired to explode if the person concerned strays more than 75 feet (22.86 metres) away from the car

I was thinking in the same lines whether its possible to create such a device in real life? if its possible it could solve lots of problems in real life say in case of luggage theft or so. (Say the distance fine tuned to around 5m from the person carrying the luggage)
Is something like this possible? If so what sensors can be used?
I was thinking RF txr and a reciever but there are issues of distances involved right?
Are there any sensor available which does non LOS distance measurements?
If this can materialise it would be one helpful social project around where I live (in regards to luggage thefts in train... :smiley: )

Any ideas for a almost hypothetical project? :smiley:

Bluetooth is commonly used for this purpose. I have seen loads of luggage alarms, lost child alarms and the like.

Like http://trade.e-to-china.com/company-cBDFBE/Shenzhen_Deyika_Technology_Ltd/productList.html?ProdCategory=+Personal+alarm+

Wont the range be affected say if the device is placed inside luggage or so? Distance fluctuation might be problematic right?

I have seen loads of luggage alarms, lost child alarms and the like.

This is why I recommend placing children into luggage. One less alarm to carry around.

I never thought of that. Would save on a ticket too.