Home-brew PCB

I decided it was time to have a go at making my own PCB's. As a test I built a very basic board just to test the process.

I posted all the details on my site: www.pocketscience.com.au - Etching Custom PCB's

It was way easier than I'd feared!


Nice job

Heh, I probably should have first stared with a simpler design for my first homebrew PCB.

I spent waaaay longer designing the PCB in Eagle for my drum synth than actually etching the board.

Oh well.


Yeah, I figured no point doing something complex if the etching wasn't going to work - and I wasn't certain it would.


Looks good, wish I could figure Eagle out, it would make life SO much easier using PCB instead of a bunch of wire connections :fearful:

Give Fritzing a go. It's now pretty usable (ie not as buggy as 9 months ago), and far easier (IMHO) than Eagle, which I've used before.

When I first designed a pcb, I used batchpcb to get it fabbed.
That was like a year ago, and I tried Fritzing and Eagle.

Fritzing was completely on the fritz, (I found it unusable with all the bugginess) so I went with Eagle.

While Eagle is a bit tricky to learn, I think it was worth it. (didn't really have a choice then, though)
So for my first homebrew design, I used Eagle, and I don't plan on switching to anything else in the future.