Homemade DMX LED PAR Fixture (Source Code needed)

Hi there,

I would like to built myself a LED PAR light ficture of the "flat" type based on the Arduino platform (using an Atmegaxxx in SMD if possible), for example like this:

It is a very simple design, just a switching power supply, some LEDs, a control PCB with a µC and a enclosure.

These things are very expencive though and just for fun I would like to built one or thwo myself, regardless of the final cost.

There is just one problem: These things use microcontrollers and a display (four 7 segment display and four function butons) to select different modes (DMX, automatic, sound to light...) and values to control the LEDs.
And I am a complete noob regarding microcontroller programming. The best thing I can do is blink a few LEDs and drive a dot matrix display :-[

Now my question: Did anyone ever built or duplicated such a LED fixture? Maybe someone can share the source code that was used?

I searched the web for such projects, but the only thing I could find was either just dimming the three RGB colours via dmx or some random dmx tutorials, I really want nearly all the functions like the device in the link.

Another idea would be to buy only the control- PCB of a cheap chinese product, like this:

And either try to read the code off of the microcontroller (it`s probably secured anyways...) or just transfer the parts to my own custom made pcb.
The homemade version would have some pluses for me, I could customize the menu to my own needs and the price would be cheaper than a bought one.

Thanks and greetings.

This is a relative complex project and not a find the modules and play. If you are in a hurry hire somebody as cost is no object. The other option will take time. You need to understand all the parts involved including basic logic, electronics and microcontrollers. Try reading the Arduino Cookbook as a start.

I have electronics knowledge regarding hardware, it is just the software that makes me problems.

I have ordered myself a four- digit 7 segment display module with the TM1637 from ali and I will start by trying to code a basic program for a basic menu with four buttons and the different settings. Then the DMX and Audio stuff.

There is many tutorials out there, maybe I can code some crap that will actually work.

If I will notice that this drives me nuts, I will just buy the original cheap control PCBs and transfer the parts to my own PCB.

I have a blog in which I deal with the subject in French but there is google translate. https://phebusco-led.blogspot.com/ If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me (contact on the blog)

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