Houston Arduino Group...

I am not aware if there is a Houston group, but there should be.
I am on the West side of Houston, always tinkering with Arduino, and would like the chance to meet with other Arduino project creators.

Hello. I live in Rosenberg and am just getting into Arduino. Need a lot of help and guidance and would love to join a group. Willing to travel anywhere in the Greater Houston area. Even to Austin or Collage Station.

That's two of us! Anyone else care to join.
What project are you working on fdastoor?
(I don't get email notifications, so sometimes it takes a couple days for me to reply)

sorry for delay in reply. I am just starting to learn the language.

I make wooden models [Musicians] that are powered by a simple 3 volt Dc motor [can use a servo if needed].

I want to be able to get 5-6 models to work together as a group to simulate a small band. Also want to add music.

don't have a clue s to how to do it in programming

Thinking of using Arduino with a couple of Adafruit motor shields and also a wav file or MP3 file shield.

but programming is the issue - and hence i am trying to learn


I am into model railroading and would love to get associated with the group to further my understanding and abilities in the Arduino world.

Obviously should have noted that I live in the Orange, Texas area and am willing to travel.