How am I supposed wire the [SLEEP] and [PWKEY] pin from SIM808 onto Arduino Nano

Hello there. Im currently working on an all-in-one package sensor for my rockets. This package will include an camera, sd-card slot, atmospheric sensor, atitude sensor and the SIM808 module so that I can locate the rocket if necessary (will program it to send me an SMS including GPS position). I know that it will be very tedious to get all of this working and that its an advanced project but I like challenges and have given me plenty of time to finish this. I will probably make an article including finished schematics and code so people can replicate this project.

The reason Im posting here today is because Im a bit confused as to where I should wire the SLEEP and PWKEY pin from this SIM808 module.

I understand that the PWKEY is used to shutdown the device but I have no idea how its supposed to be wired. The SLEEP pin is what confuses me the most cause it seems essential for communication but it uses some kind of DTR-pin which I cant find on the arduino NANO. Im limited to use this exact IC/PCB combo due to weight and size. I cant use those larger shields.

If anyone could tell me how Im supposed to wire up those two pins on the schematic below I would be very happy! If this isnt possible on arduino nano then I would like to know about any alternative solutions. (PS: dont mind the other wires on the attached schematic, those are going to other sensors/modules)

update: I found out the the SLEEP pin is only necessary if you want to activate the automatic SLEEP function on the device. I hope I will manage to fit an battery capable of powering the whole orchestra of instruments for the duration of the flight and some time at the ground aswell. so this shouldnt be a problem then.

update 2: I think you can supply the PRWKEY with D pin, then if youd like to shutdown the device you set the output("low") for 1 sec.