How can I read MIDI files from SD card and output them?

Hello :wave:,

I have been trying to figure out how to have my Arduino Mega read MIDI files from a micro SD card, select a individual file using an LCD, then output the selected file so I can play it on a Tesla coil.

But, I never found out how to get the LCD to work AND to get it to output the MIDI (I am using SparkFun's midi shield). I did get my arduino to output a single note every second. But that isn't what I want because I don't want to have to program each and every individual note from 5 minute songs.

I have already tried MD_MIDI-file. I got the LCD to work with the Midi_LCD play thing, but it didn't work as expected. The LCD's controls were all out of whack and the files never play(or they don't output as midi).

So is there any way I can get my Arduino to read & select MIDI files from an SD card and output the MIDI files so the Tesla Coil can play it?

Thanks in advance!

Split Your project in to parts. Reading an SD is one. An LCD is an output device so input sources are needed, buttons keyboard etc.
Search for LCD topics and make the sketch write "Hello world".
An LCD will not transfer data to a MIDI device....

Rewrite Your question. It looks like a big mish mash.

Mandatory is posting IDE formatted code using code tags. So far Your post looks like a scream to mum for help.

SD: the dumpfile example included in the SD library should be all you need.
LCD: Trawl for menu programmes. This would depend very much on the Display you are using.

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