How do i go from: eg Number "125" ----split----> Numbers "1", "2", "5" ??? SLVD

I would like to know if there is any way (preferably simple) to split any number into its digits. For example split the number 125 (stored in variable A) into numbers 1,2 and 5 (which will then be stored in variables x,y,z respectively).

Thank you in advance and have a nice day :)

Hello, the easiest way (I think), is doing something like this:

uint8_t x, y, z;
int number = 125;

z = number % 10;
y = (number /= 10) % 10;
x = number / 10;


There are several ways. I will go through two ways. Pick the one you understand better: Use math to extract digits: There is an operation "%" that does this: 125%10=5

Then you do 125/10, which gives you 12, remember integer math only gives you 12, not 12.5 With 12, 12%10=2

Then 12/10 gives 1, 1%10=1

If you collect all three % results, you get the three digits.

Next method, use text output. It may seem easy to you depending on how comfortable you are with math.

Assume int value=125; char result[10]; sprintf(result,"%04d",value); Now result has "0125". You can do single=result[3]-'0'; tens=result[2]-'0'; hundreds=result[1]-'0'; thousands=result[0]-'0';

The above assumes up to 9999 positive numbers. Essentially the same math is used inside sprintf.

Here is a code based on liudr's second method:

Will work for any (positive) numbers...

Edit: Here a version which can handle negative numbers:

Hope this help.. :)

Also, if you want to know sprintf, here is a tutorial:

Thank you all very much people :) Your help is invaluable. Again thanx :)