How do I put the Time and Date on LCD display?

I am new at thing whole arduino circuit stuff. I am trying to display the Day of week, date and Time on the LCD display and I do not know how to make it count the actual seconds and change time/day when it is supposed to. However, I have gotten the display to work and display words :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!

Are you asking how to program the Arduino as a clock, a sort of timepiece?
Or do you have some sort of peripheral in mind?
What then?

the date remains the same tho

i am using the following


the date remains the same tho

There's a line in setup() that knocks out the "date" from a simple string,
lcd.print("Apr, 15, 2013"); // print out the date
but nowhere is any date-related data read from the RTC module.
Mystery Solved.

So, you are currently not using your RTC module at all, just the millis() from the Arduino.

You need to go through this to learn how to use your RTC module:

Then use the ideas from there, and use the RTC module instead of millis() to get your date and time.