How do I remove a "const char" from memory?

Just got my new board, a WeMos-D1 wifi board and began to test it. I loaded an example sketch (>ESP8266>WIFIAccessPoint) and missed/misunderstood that in line 38 the line: "const char *ssid = "ESPap" would mean this name would be stored in a way that I don't seem to be able to change....
I have tried replacing the name, which did not work, and after several attempts also with other sketches, I wonder now whether there is a way to undo this "permanent" SSID. And by the way, the same applies to the next line in the sketch; the password.

Would for example reloading the bootloader do the trick?

Thanks for any help!

I really didnt understand your issue.

const char is just a variable definition and cant change the value from other part of the code, that’s all. It will not store any where else in the memory permanently.

open up the sketch change the const char variable’s value to some thing else, upload again. The arduino uses the new value.

Not that pesky line 38 again !

const char *ssid = "ESPap";

creates a variable whose value cannot be changed by the program but that does not mean that you cannot change the source code to a different value and recompile and upload the program.

I didnt knew that it's an occuring question :slight_smile:

My apologies! I have tried it a number of times this morning without success. Apparently a restart of my laptop and the IDE did the trick because I have just succesfully changed the ssid.
Thanks and sorry I bothered you with this!

good to hear that, please append the title with [SOLVED] at the beginning.