How do I upload files via SPIFFS?

I'm using the new beta 12 and I'd like to load ESP32 bootstrap 4 and use it in SPIFFS. How can I do that? I could think of a direct upload from the URL, the source of bootstrap 4. What do you think?

Next question. I use ESP32 WROOM32-U, where there is up to 4MB of flash memory, but Arduino shows only about 1.3MB.

Hi @cevepe. If you are intending to use the " Arduino ESP32 filesystem uploader" tool, then you will need to use Arduino IDE 1.8.16 instead because Arduino IDE 2.x does not have support for 3rd party plugin tools at this time.

OK so how do you install the ESP32 filesystem uploader tool? I cant find the tools directory anywhere under this new install of 1.8.16.........

You must create the tools directory.

disregard my last, brain disengaged before I wrote the post.
Create a tools directory as in \Arduino\tools and copy the ESP32 folder into that and bingo it works.