How do you examine a library's code ?

Hi, I'm trying to examine the 'stepper.h' library so I can work out the method it's using to drive the motor, but I can't see how to open the library to examine the code. If I try to open it in the Arduino IDE it just tells me 'bad file selected', and opening it in notepad gives freaky formatting.

What am I supposed to use to examine libraries ?

Thanks !

I use Notepad++ (

But any text editor should do. Notepad on windows is rubbish, so I wouldn't use that.

You can open them with Arduino, but you have to first create and save a blank sketch. Then close the IDE. Next copy the .h and .cpp files into the blank sketch folder. Next reopen the IDE and open the sketch. You should see the .h and .cpp files show up in new tabs.

Thanks for that - much appreciated.

But any decent text editor should do.

I fixed that for you.

Notepad, obviously, fails that filter.