How do you say "Solder"?

I have been watching some Make magazine vodcasts over the last few weeks and I was appalled at how everyone appears to pronounce the word “solder”. As I have been very close to solder over much of my life it has a special attraction for me.

So it appears that, some at least, of our American Cousins pronounce the word as “sod-er” as opposed to the correct :wink: “sole - der”

How do you pronounce it?

As Churchill said:-
“Two peoples separated by a common language”


Excellent, I didn’t think of looking that up in that way. :slight_smile:

You see to an English ear it does sound more like “sod her” which is what many a disappointed lad says at the end of an unsuccessful night on the pull.

Good thing your not also very close to aluminium. :wink:

And I believe it was George Bernard Shaw who made your quote. True nonetheless.

“Solder” rhymes with “fodder” and “film” has only one syllable :wink:

i say “löten”

“Sold Ah”, thats how its said down under … mate = )

solder/fodder - and yes, I’m American

Yal aren’t from round here, are ya? Yal sound like a bunch of dam yankees. The word is pronounced saw-da.

Lovingly from Texas,

Why do people think it’s a silent “L” ???


Why do people think it’s a silent “L” ???

Gee, I don’t know . . . “talk,” “walk,” “half,”, “calf”
Maybe we should ask the Colonel?

I say “saw-der” when saying “soldering iron” but I say “sold-er” when saying “solder”. I was raised in the south, so I say it like “saw-der” more often, though.

You should hear how I pronounce it when I solder with my shorts on and a fleck lands on my leg :wink:


Sold-er. How else would you pronounce “Sold” ?!


Maybe we should ask the Colonel?

The Colonel usually just delegates it to the left tenant.

Here in the netherlands we pronounce it “Sol Deer” or just “tin”

Gee, I don’t know . . . “talk,” “walk,” “half,”, “calf”
Maybe we should ask the Colonel?

Just because there are a few examples of silent “L” doesn’t mean ALL of them are… :slight_smile:

Also I would pronounce the L to some extent in all of those words… they certainly don’t sound the same as if the L wasn’t there at all, which is the case with the solder/sodder argument.

I put my soldering iron in it’s hoLder, not it’s hodder.

Anyways I’m happy for everyone to pronounce it however they want, just interested in how the L became silent

Sold-er. How else would you pronounce “Sold” ?!

Are the syllables in English separated like that? In German you would separate them like “sol- der”, like in “sol- dat” (german word for soldier).
Perhaps from an linguistic kind of view there once was an “ou” like in “boulder” or “shoulder”?
Someone who knows around here?

saw-der, no L’s round here. Someone who was completely removed from the field of electronics would still attempt to read it as written and say sold-er.