How does this table robot machine work?

About the arm movements, are these controlled by motors?

Yep, servo-motors by the look of it.

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Servo-motors. Now I see. Thank you for your answer.

Careful how you read that suggestion….

I think @SteveThackery’s right, but a lot of punters on here don’t recognise the difference between a servo ‘motor’ and a ‘servo’… (a closed-loop control system)

Read around if you’re interested.

Thanks for the advice.
I read a wikipedia article on that.

Yeah, so it will use fairly powerful electric motors (for rapid acceleration/deceleration of the parts) with positional feedback. Widely used in robotics, as well as things like printers, computer-controlled manufacturing equipment, etc.

2 servo systems, 1.5 kW and 100W. Description here: The Ping Pong Robot to Return a Ball Precisely | OMRON TECHNICS | Technology | OMRON Global

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Thank you for your help, dsmts. That document is exactly what I needed to know.
I'll do a research on whether I can create a copycat of this machine with arduino.

A table tennis robot is a mechanism that can shoot table tennis balls in a controlled manner from one end of a table tennis table to the other.
You'll be able to select the kind of shots and spins you'd like to practice with (topspin, backspin, side-spin, etc.).
The frequency and speed with which the balls are shot may also be changed.
If you don't have a partner to play conventional table tennis 8 Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables - Expert Reviews (Winter 2023) it is much better for you because:

  • Playing without the need for a partner.
  • You can practice for as long as you wish.
    – Improve your footwork, weak strokes, and overall fitness.
    – A player's training may be varied by switching to different drills in order to learn how to play against various game styles.
    – Robots are excellent at repeatedly placing the ball in the same spot. They never fail to deliver!
    – It has the finest time-to-efficiency ratio!
  • You may practice at speeds that are faster than standard table tennis rallies. Robots can be beneficial in the field of service training.
    – One of the finest strategies to improve your return and service technique is to use robots.
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