how make proper of PWM 333hz ?

use mega arduino

Why do you think you need to output PWM at a specific frequency?

What have you tried?

i use digital servo HK15298B High Voltage Coreless Digital MG/BB Servo

Torque: 18kg @ 6v, 20kg @ 7.4v
Weight: 66g
Speed: 0.18 / 60deg @ 6v, 0.16 / 60deg @ 7.4v
Voltage: 4.8v~7.4v
Motor type: Coreless
Plug: JR Style

i wanna it move 90 degree ... i know cant use sweep code .. and when asked about that " hobby king " them said use 333 hz freq

The 333hz is the internal frequency that the internal microprocessor uses for PWM control of the servo motor.
Not the frequency of the pulse signal you provide to control the servo.

Tom.... :slight_smile:

hi tom
hobbyking mod said to me .. it work at 333hz
i think it equal 1520 micro sec but it didnt work

A frequency (Hz) says nothing more about the puls length then the max length (100% duty => 1/f).

But it's a servo, just use the servo lib (or any other servo lib).