How many clients can be run on the ethernet shield web server?

I use an ethernet shield for my Arduino Mega to built web server, i wonder how many clients can accessed to the webserver?

I have a vague recollection that you're limited by the library to four simultaneously.

W5500 application interface has 8 'slots' for TCP or UDP. But in the firmware packets are queued so if you do "handle request, send response, close connection", you can handle many HTTP requests

i still don't understand Mr.Juraj, so that means 8 devices gonna be able to access the webserver?

to: Mr. Wildbill,
so it depends from the library used? may i know the maximum devices can be connect to webserver? i try to use 2 phones and 2 laptop, they run well

the network traffic is handled in the W5500. the firmware in W5500 has an API for the host. this API works with 8 communication 'slots'. (4 for W5100)
but you don't have 8 permanent connections, which would take all 8 slots. your clients connect for a request and then disconnect so a next client can be handled

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