How may millis and micro

how many millis and micros can be used , 2 8bit timer and 1 16 bit timer is suited for which Millis and micros . using the millis and micros will affect the pwm ? .

Using millis() or micros() will not affect PWM output

On the Arduino UNO and Nano, the millis() and micros() functions use Timer0, one of the 8-bit timers.

Yes, and using Timer 0 for PWM will affect millis() and micros(), therefore...

Only if you muck with the hardware timer registers and don't just use analogWrite() for PWM.

hi, by default 1 millis or 1 micros is equal to approximately how many Millie or micro second .
millis or micros value based on the crystal value with +/- error ? .

it's possible to change the Millis or micros value ?

  • millis() returns the number of milliseconds since the Arduino was started or reset
  • micros() returns the number of microseconds since the Arduino was started or reset

I believe that it is possible to reset both but why would you want to ?

i aim use micros for every 1 second i need to check A/D convertor value . i guess 1000 micros() = 1 second . after the 2 minute i will rest unsigned long sec =micros() . from this cycle i can have 120 adc reading . you can suggest some simplified way .

Save the value of micros() when you check the A/D converter as the start time then each time through loop() do

currentMicros = micros();
if (currentMicros - startMicros > requiredPeriod)
  //read the A/D converter
  startMicros = currentMicros;

This method will not be affected by the micros() rollover if the timing variables are declared as unsigned longs