How "separate" data with xbee ?

Hi, I use xbee for send data by sensor to arduino with ethernet shield (for website). But I have a problem, i receive the data on "char" but i have 3 variables and they are assemble. For example I have 3 data : 3, 15, 511. data receiving 315511, how i separate ?

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how i separate ?

The fact that the data was transmitted and received by a pair of XBees has no bearing on the problem.

The problem is that you failed to post any code, so we can't see if you have a string to parse, a String to parse, or not a hope in hell of parsing anything.

Having a string is best.

data receiving 315511, how i separate ?

You need to figure out how each character set is different from the next. Do you have control over how the data is sent?

Can you send the data with separators - such as "3,15,511" ? That will make the parsing very much easier - especially if the length of the parts can change.

There is a parse example in Serial Input Basics


I post a pic of my problem, left is the transmitter and right is receiver. I send 3 data but at the reception the are all in on variable (choseLue), how i separate ??? :confused:

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What is the point of determining how much serial data there is to read, if you then read a character regardless of whether there is anything to read?

I can't see how you expect to parse any data when you don't save the data in a way that permits parsing.