How should I add STLport library to arduino?

I'm trying to add STLport to Arduino an I've downloaded it from STLport, but there is no .h file in it, and I really cannot figure out how to deal with this? Would you please help me with this?

Did you read their wiki pages?

Did you read their wiki pages?
Home · vancegroup/stlport-avr Wiki · GitHub
Arduino Style Build Systems · vancegroup/stlport-avr Wiki · GitHub

actually, I did, but it didn't fully understand its procedure in windows. Would you please tell me what should I do step by step? Sorry, I'm new to both Arduino and C++.

Hmm. I haven’t done it. It doesn’t have any examples, and I don’t have any C++ code ready to try.
I’ll note that the last modifications and documentation for the Vancegroup stlport is from 2012, which probably means that instructions are long obsolete, and perhaps the code is as well. I tried a “modern” alternative install, and just got fatal errors that are not obvious.

You could try Mike Matera’s STL port instead. It seems much more recent…