How to access ESP32CAM Server out of local internet?

Hi All
I got help to modify the default example code "CameraWebServer" of ESP32CAM so that the Camera Web Server runs on Static IP. The .zip file of the project is attached herewith. (22.2 KB)
I accessed the URL (http) in web browser and was able to access the ESP32CAM provided my Computer and ESP32CAM are connected to the same network which concludes that this method works over local internet.
My project application requires access of ESP32 Camera Web Server from anywhere, so I tried to look for the resources that can help me with this. I got to know about solutions like ngrok, noip etc., but I do not want to use them.
I kindly seek help for following queries :

  1. As I have the camera web server running on Static IP, can I use port forwarding method to access it from anywhere? If yes, please let me know how to port forward the ESP32 Camera Web Server.
  2. Can WebRTC be useful to resolve this issue? If yes, how?

Yes, if your router supports this. It has nothing to do with the ESP32-CAM.

You also generally need a static public IP address - your Internet provider can usually provide this... sometimes they charge extra. Without this you need some kind of dynamic DNS to be able to handle the potentially changing IP of your address as seen from the Internet.

Then on your router, in the port forwarding section:

Public port --> LAN IP & LAN port of your ESP32.