How to compute the total size of RAM and the usage size for ESP32?

Hi, I execute some programs on esp32 and I want to know the total size of RAM and how much the program usage from that memory of esp32 ?
is there any way to know that?

Run time, or compile time?

 log_i("Total heap: %u", ESP.getHeapSize());
 log_i("Free heap: %u", ESP.getFreeHeap());
  log_i("Total PSRAM: %u", ESP.getPsramSize());
  log_i("Free PSRAM: %d", ESP.getFreePsram());
 log_i("spiram size %u", esp_spiram_get_size());
 log_i("himem free %u", esp_himem_get_free_size());
  log_i("himem phys %u", esp_himem_get_phys_size());
  log_i("himem reserved %u", esp_himem_reserved_area_size());

Some ways I found to get various ESP32 RAM thingies.

You can probably find more in the API Reference - ESP32 - — ESP-IDF Programming Guide latest documentation (

I get on this "E (7543) spiram: SPI RAM not initialized"
my ESP32 is "ESP WROOM 32"

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