How to connect a led p10 and a remote to an arduino


I am working on a personal project which i need to use arduino but what kit exactly;i do not know( recommand me ).

i want to connect a led p10 and a remote to an arduino, in order to be able to change the text on the led p10 using the remote's buttons.

Actually the texts i want to be able to change via remote are just names,i want to be able to change it by free will using the remote,the reason i chose to use the led p10 is they are waterproof and possible to read the texts under the sun.

Looking forward your reply,

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A LED P10 isn’t very specific, because all that tells us, is the LEDs are spaced….

Correction P6=6mm pitch, P10=10mm pixel pitch.

These could be anything, but most LED panels are driven with high speed serial data clocked in to illuminate the selected LED points.

Each panel will have its own specific data format.

Most Arduino will be able to generate the stream, but depending on what your desired capabilities, end results and budget are will affect the choices and methods you use.

Panel dimensions, colour depth are the initial factors or memory requirements, closely followed by the message complexity, and refresh rate to determine the processor performance.


Well,these are the pics of the led p10 and the remote i would like to use for my project.


That looks like a single colour 32x16 matrix.
At the very least, you’ll need a 64 byte buffer to map out those pixels.

If there are any tricks we don’t know about, that can grow rapidly… not a problem but you neeed to be aware.

That’s only the display buffer… unless your images are generated programmatically, you need an extra 64 bytes (min) for each message ‘page’.

The good news is that an Arduino can easily drive those 512 pixels without breaking a sweat.

What are you going to do with the remote?
As delivered, I’m guessing it talks directly to the panel..? Or are they completely different products ?

If that’s the case, your project just got harder, because you have to insert your software project between the remote IR receiver and the panel controller.

It may be easier to find out the remote protocol, and emulate that, or otherwise, you need to write all new display code, and receive/decode the IR commands.

I’m not convinced this is going to end well with the current level of conversation.

well, i am planning to use the remote to change the text (names) on the led p10.
the remote and led p10 are completely different products,yes it is hard; that is why i came here to get in touch with competents people.

on youtube,i saw videos of arduino connected to a led p10,
and arduino connected to an IR remote,
then arduino connected to a lcd and a remote.

they also provided their codes,so i was thinking i can get to connect an arduino,a remote and a led p10 using all those videos and codes.

Please help!!!

I think you’ve started answering your own question..l
Follow those ‘videos and codes’ to get started.

The IR and LED display are two different elements to work on - they don’t affect each other until each is working by itself.

Get them working individually, then have a shot at combining them.
We can look at what you’ve achieved and point you in the right direction.

Alright,thank you sir.

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