How to Connect Multiple Power Supplies to Multiple PCA9685

In my project I have 128 servos (Towerpro MG90D) connected to 8 PCA9685's.
My problem is the power supply. I'll be running the servos at 5v. The data sheet for the servos does not mention the current needed, but if I consider 1A each servo as the rule of thumb, I'll need a huge power supply.
My question is can I use multiple power supplies instead of a huge one ?
Do I have to have common GND with the 8 PCA9685's daisy chained ?
How ?

I'm posting a schematic that shows wiring for 3 PCA985's (sorry for the fritzing) with only one power supply. How do I change this set up for multiple power supplies ?

Given that the power supply to the terminals on those boards is entirely independent of the 5 V logic supply, that should work fine.

You show the ground daisy chained from one board to the next.

Please note that this is just an example I found and it's only with one power supply. How do I implement it with, let's say, 3 power supplies ?

Connect each power supply - 5 V and ground - to the two pin screw terminal for the servo power.

ok Paul, tkx