How to control a heating blanket and pump via arduino

I'm currently working on a project, and as I'm pretty new to arduino, I am looking for some more experienced input.

My project entails a combined pressure cuff and heating blanket for the arm to stimulate vein dilation. I am looking to set a temperature and pressure in the code, and then have a pump activated until the sensor reads said pressure and maintains it similar to the project in this thread:,225875.0.html

Additionally, I would like to set a temperature in the code and have the heating blanket turn on till it reaches said temp and maintain it.
Both temp and pressure would be maintained for ideally 15 min. and have the temp and pressure data fed to an lcd and written to and SD. Preferably with the data time stamped.

I have experience coding so i don't see that as too much of an issue, however I am pretty stumped on the hardware end.
Thanks for any help!

Well I have built a temperature controller using a 10k thermistor, three 10K resistors and a 16X2 LCD. In the diagram you would use Pin 13 as the signal for a relay. If you are controlling 120V device I would suggest an N channel MOSFET transistor with a protection diode across the relays coil. My code works so you can set the temperature with two small buttons and the actual temp and set temp display on the LCD. When the temp reaches your set temp it will signal on Pin 13. Let me know if this is something that can help you and I will give you the code and make a diagram of how to wire the MOSFET to your relay to control your 120V device.

I think you meant to add that the 120V is switched by the relay contacts and the relay is powered by 9 to 12Vdc .