How to determine how to wire capacitors?

I got a lot of like this in the schematic:

My local store gave me capacitors that has polarity. How do I know which side should I wire where?

Show an image of the capacitor. The schematic image didn't succeed.

The images shown are non-polarized caps. Unless you can tell from looking at the schematic, it is best to use a ceramic non-polarized cap. If you can which side of the circuit is positive or negative than you can use the polarized cap. If you are using a circuit where the current flows both directions than it is best to pickup some non polarized caps. Good Luck with your project

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I know he polarity on the capacior, I don't know how to wire it because the schematic only has 2 parallel lines and the value, no + or - mark.

The minus is marked on capacitor, the plus is marked in the diagram, you can figure it. If there is no plus on diagram, then capacitor is either ceramic or non-polarised electrolytic. The shop probably sold you wrong capacitor

The key is in the schematic. One must look at the schematic and see what the capacitor is connected to.

In general the negative (-) side of the capacitor goes to ground. If your schematic doesn't have the capacitor (-) going to ground you will have to post more of the schematic.

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It has the GND, the other side goes to the power

You do not mention what the circuit is? Current can flow both ways between source and ground. You can try it but you may blow out the cap or worse your Arduino. Safe to pick up some ceramic caps. They are cheap.

It is an opical sensor with multiple output, the capacitors needs for the power inputs(?). I don't know if the current can flow back and forth or in just one way.

Yeah, please answer that question. We know even less than you because we can't access your documents and desktop.

Where did you get that schematic image? If it showed more, maybe we could answer... in fact, is there any reason not to post the entire schematic?

I will seek for that info tomorrow, but yes, I cannot post it because of a contract

Then just read up on capacitors and capacitor markings, and give it your best shot...

From what you described, the subject capacitor is going from power to ground.

If you power is always positive then you will have no polarity issues.

You should however verify the voltage rating on the 10µF is at least 2X you power supply. At a MINIMUM it needs to be 1.5X The risk is capacitor failure down the road.

Also know polarized capacitors are not very happy being connect backwards, even for a moment. They will pop a spew their foul smelling innards all over your circuit.

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I will try now that - goes to gnd and + to the power, don't worry the voltage rating is 10x bigger. I'm still testing so failures could happen

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