how to display variables on i2c lcd

hey guys,
so i took an ordinary ‘‘hello world’’ code and put in a ‘‘int inputvariable2 = o’’ and then changed the hello world to ‘‘inputvariable2’’ but it shows me the inputvariable2 and not 0. what am i doing wrong?

#include <Wire.h>
#include <I2C_LCD.h>
uint8_t I2C_LCD_ADDRESS = 0x51; //Device address configuration, the default value is 0x51.

//For detials of the function useage, please refer to “I2C_LCD User Manual”.
//You can download the “I2C_LCD User Manual” from I2C_LCD WIKI page:

void setup(void)
Wire.begin(); //I2C controller initialization.

void loop()
int inputVariable2 = 0;

LCD.CleanAll(WHITE); //Clean the screen with black or white.
delay(1000); //Delay for 1s.

//8*16 font size��auto new line��black character on white back ground.
LCD.FontModeConf(Font_6x8, FM_ANL_AAA, BLACK_BAC);

LCD.CharGotoXY(0,0); //Set the start coordinate.
LCD.print(" inputVariable2 ");
while(1);//Wait for ever.

put in a ‘‘int inputvariable2 = o’’

Lower-case ‘O’ and zero ‘0’ are not the same thing at all.

You told it to print the string " inputVariable2 " - what’s the problem?

 LCD.print(" inputVariable2 "); // This prints whatever is between " and "
 LCD.print(inputVariable2); // This prints the value of the variable