How to drive USB Futaba VFD matrix?

I just got an USB Futaba VFD display, and I want to put info on it from an Arduino.
This is the datasheet:

I am at a point that I hooked up the display to my Mac, and it shows up under System Info as VFD display, the 19V power is also in place. So I have the connectors set up correctly.
The thing is I want to drive it from an Arduino. Guess it needs USB host, so I have a DUE or Teensy 4.1 for that.
Does anybody know if there is a library to deal with these kinds of displays? Or how to communicate with them? I did many searches, and I haven't found anything. Not even a driver on the Futaba site for Windows/Mac use. Also they talk about closing jumper J5 for a demo sequence, but there is no jumper 5.


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