How to find out name of registers if you know the memory address?

Hi, I am beginner in arduino and i have a question.
I have a list of memory addresses they belong to Arduino. How can I find out what kind of memory / registers they belong to?
a = 0b000110,
b = 0b001001,
c = 0b100001,
d = 0b100100,
e = 0b010010,
f = 0b011000.

Look at the data sheet for the processor.

One has to wonder how you came up with a list of register addresses in binary...

Your statement that you are a beginner and your question about register addresses in binary do not match: that is not the kind of question a beginner asks. Please say more about what you want to know and why.

Thanks for answers!
The first thing that came to mind and I downloaded datasheet.pdf

Could you please tell me, how can I find answer to my question using that datasheet?
I tried to use the key world "Memory map", but it doesn't help me.

look up the includes for your board variant in core files

I do not understand what you mean. Is't possible in more detail ...

looks like a is PINC

For example section 7.6 gives register descriptions, start there. You will need to convert the binary addresses to hex.

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Again, from where? Maybe they aren't what you think. I suspect these are data values, which could be specified as possible values for many different possible registers. Out of context, it's impossible to tell which one. The PINC is one, but it's a guess...

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