How to get AVRISP mkii to work with avr studio again

Hi I have configured my AVRISP mkii to program arduino. Now I need to go back to use AVR studio again for a small project, but I cant get AVR studio and the ISP programmer to talk together again.

I have tried to remove the driver many times, with rebooting. but my pc, which runs windows 7, keeps installing the wrong driver.

When I try to force the pc to use a driver from a nother location, it says that the driver is too old, compared to the other, that it still rememberes. I also tried to remove and reinstall AVR studio as specified some places, that does not help.

I am running windows 7. AVR studio 4.19 and AVR studio 6.1. Jongo driver from 27-02-2012

I hope somebody knows how to solve this

PM hiduino, he seems to have a good handle on setting up drivers to use the MKii with the IDE or Atmel Studio.

Thank you I will try that