How to get back to the old forum?

I think this version of the forum is very fanciful. Is there any configuration to go back to the old way?

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Unfortunately i'm afraid not possible

I have seen the same question asked by others and the answer is no. I very much disliked the new forum at first, too. I have gotten a bit more used to it and can't say that I like it, but I can live with it.


Oh boy! Very sad!

You only have been participating one day in the new forum :smiley:

Yeah, that doesn't always mean what you imagine.

These are the most important things you need to know if you’re used to the old forum:

  • It automatically saves drafts while you’re typing.
  • The “Add Karma” button is not there any more because we now have message likes. If you want to show your appreciation, click the “Like” icon under a post.
  • The “Flag” button replaces the “Report to moderator” link.
  • You can configure your notification preferences on a per-category or per-topic basis by clicking the bell icon at the top-right.
  • There’s no “Print” button any more. A printer-friendly rendering is created when you print from your browser.
  • You can now bookmark your favorite posts. Click the avatar in the top right to access your bookmarks, notifications, mentions and history.

New Forum Features

  • No more pages to browse manually.
  • Long conversations are loaded dynamically while scrolling.
  • Notifications are shown when someone mentions you or replies to your posts.
  • Links are expanded with previews.
  • Long conversations are automatically summarized.
  • Trust levels and other tools help fight spamming and encourage good behaviors.


That’s a pretty positive list of changes and features for someone who doesn’t like the new forum sw!

I believe it got a lot more confusing. You have many items to select from. Before it was practical, the topic was very simple, now there are dozens of topics on display. The Arduino platform is very practical, but you don't have to leave it all together when you open the forum.


Source: Old way

Current mode:

@rtek1000 , you can do the same in the new one by clicking on the sub categories under (in this case) Using Arduino . I think I'm missing your point?

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