How to get definition of register names using eclipse?

I’m using arduino plugin for eclipse and got stuck with timer example, because compiler cannot resolve register names, e.g. “TCCR2A”, “TCCR2B”, “CS22” and so on (“symbol could not be resolved”). Which include file, declaration or definition do I need, to make these names visible?

I had this problem before, when trying to access “Serial” and found solution of declaring “extern HardwareSerial Serial”. This must be a similar problem, but I don’t know, how to declare a register, because I don’t know, which type I should use. I think, there must be something like <avr/pgmspace.h> for this, but I didn’t find any details about registers (thinking, they are not located inside RAM, EEPROM or Flash).
How to go on, or what should I read?

Have a look in


Or get the H file appropriate for your processor of choice.


Yes, the include solves the problem - thank you.