How to interface with camera flash ?

Hello everyone! I have big problem, I need to interface with camera flash (Sony A6000) to remotely trigger some events. Idea is simple camera flash hot shoe adapter -> arduino -> RF But the practice is not :( I bought 2 adapters simple one (standard SONY hot shoe) and extended hot shoe with additional contacts. That first one is only 2 wires inside, advanced has flex tapes with some resistors etc. None of them seams to be recognized by my camera :( When plugging nothing happens, no new option apears in menu etc. Also there is no menu option like "external flash" and when capturing photos no signal is present on any adapter pin/wire etc. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance !

You need to go to a camera forum with questions about your camera. Paul

Might be too late and not exactly sure what you are trying to do but in my youth I worked in a camera shop and we sold slave flash guns, the were triggered by the master flash - no connections - they have a light sensor and fire when the main flash goes off. At 1/60 sec (standard shutter speed on SLR for flash photography) they gave good results.