how to link up encoders on a dagu 5 ?

prefacing this with an apology because im aware this is a real stupid question, but im not sure where else to ask.

im trying to build a robot that will go to a specific location using encoders however with the parts i have i dont know how to plug them into what areas.

the following photos show the mess that is my life right now and im looking for someone to tell me where to put the wires (red, black, white and yellow) or if anyone can point me somewhere that will help me understand id appreciate that

the photos


Photos of wiring are too difficult to follow. Make a simple pencil drawing showing all the connections and post a photo of the drawing. And the process of making the drawing can often show up problems.

You also need to post your program and links to the datasheets for all the different pieces of hardware you are using (other than the Uno).