How to make each color blink with a different frequency like slow or medium or fast?

Of course not, and nowhere in this thread have I suggested that. On the contrary, if you read my previous replies in this thread you would see I suggested a way to invoke blink without delay for the op's case.

Just strikes me that the leap to the solutions in those posts may be too big for the op to handle. But I did also say, let's see what op thinks.

All in all it is very simple by using the IF/THAN/ESLE clause.

IF the user has a question, THAN he should ask, ELSE he can let it be.

Have nice day and enjoy coding in C++.

After reading the project. I thought. while waiting for the OP to post their code attempts, what could I write. My code is not meant to be simple. It's a multi processor task that does not block. In the code is a model to a solution that the OP can use. I did not intend my code to be the OP's solution. I wrote the code for me.

Also, the posting of the other code are models for a solution.