How to properly set fuses

anyone know how to set the fuses on the atmega328p to not use crystal ? Ive looked at the fuse calculators and they was not much help

There are two ways, using arduino IDE and using avrdude.
On the Ide, you have to create a new entry in boards.txt, specifiyng the microcontroller and the fuses. Then, to set fuses, you have to burn bootloader with an external programmer.

If using avrdude, check the ladyada avrdude tutorial, there is an example to burn fuses.

For both options you are going to need an external isp programmer.

set low fuse E2 - either in boards.txt entry and do burn bootloader, or via avrdude or other utility - either way you need an ISP programmer connected appropriately (there's abundant info on this around)

Ive got a usbasp it works great with arduino IDE and works great atmel studio 6.2 i dont know how to use arduino to set fuses thoe

Burn the bootloader, that will set the fuses.
Then use File:Upload Using Programmer to overwrite the bootloader if you don't want to have one - the fuses will not change.

let me try that cross roads

does arduino have a setting to burn bootloader without an external crystal ..Im just trying to get rid of the external crystal Ive got the usbasp it works great im kind of afraid of avrdude thoe I hear it can do bad things if you make a mistake and I am mistake prone

Nope, there is no option for that by default. Unfortunately.

You'll need to create a new boards.txt entry.

But lilypad uses a bootloader without external crystal, doesnt i?

tried that but did not work but thanks

found a bootloader that works perfectly thanks for your help guys

By the way, could you share the solution? Others may find this useful too.

go here and this guy provides a copy of the files with bootloader for running an ATmega328p without
external crystal its called arduino on a bredboard :slight_smile: