How to read analog sensor

I've got a MPX4250DP that I'm attempting to monitor the low pressure line on a keg. It will be roughly 5 to 12 PSI. I've configured a test sketch but I feel like it might be a bit off.

This is what I have now, but I don't think it's correct....with both ports in open air (no pressure difference) I'm getting readings of

does that seem right? Theres probably some room for calibration in the offset as it can be a fairly wide range...

See code below.

void setup() {

void loop() {

void get_pressure() {
// 5v/1024step == 0.0048828v/step
// ((ADC Val * Step) - Expected offset from datasheet) / mv per kPa
float pressure_0 = ((analogRead(0)*0.0048828)-.204)/.01882;

Serial.print("sensor = ");
Serial.println(" kPa");
float press_psi = pressure_0 * 0.14504;
Serial.print("sensor = ");
Serial.println(" psi");