How to set a USB2Serial Light arduino board to DFU mode and flash (8u2)

Seems to be a pretty new product, typical me to buy it before there is much info about it :)

According to the text it says :

  • The ATmega8U2 firmware source code is available . The ATmega8U2 is loaded with a DFU bootloader, which can be activated by connecting the solder jumper on the back of the board and then resetting the 8U2. You can then use Atmel's FLIP software (Windows) or the DFU programmer (Mac OS X and Linux) to load a new firmware. Or you can use the ISP header with an external programmer (overwriting the DFU bootloader). See this user-contributed tutorial for more information.*

But looking at my board and the images online, WHERE is the solder jumper? am I totally thick or am I missing something? It doesnt seem to be referenced anywhere else and I cannot find any information about people having done this.

Also, the usr contributed tutorial is a dead link :)

Any help is greatly appreciated! I am trying to turn it into a USB HID with LUFA

There is a label on the schematic
USB boot En
next to a pin that goes to one of the connector pins.
Maybe that’s what is meant?


Thanks for the reply, I saw that too but I have no idea what it is they are referring to. Anyone tried this?

The HWB pin does come out as EXT RESET, so should be possible to connect to GND to assert HWB (connecting pins 1 and 6 on the Arduino header (not the ICSP one, the flat 6-pin one that connects to the Arduino Mini/Ethernet etc).

It didn't work for me, it looks like I have a faulty USB2SERIAL board, but the datasheets suggest it should, assuming the HWBE flag is set correctly which I would guess it will be.