How to upload the program via the Bluetooth-OTA

Hi, I would like to upload the program via the Bluetooth. I have confirmed that ArduinoOTA library doesn’t work for nRF52840 from the author of the library. Does anyone have the experience of uploading program via the Bluetooth for Nano 33 BLE (Sense)?
Many thanks and have a great day.

I believe the only option currently is to use DFU OTA with the Adafruit NRF52 Bootloader as described in this post
Though I am not sure if it is possible to use Arduino binaries with DFU.

I am currently exploring this myself.
So far I have managed to flash the Bootloader (including the S140 Soft Device).
GND D2 and D3 allows me to see the device in the nRF connect app as DFU device.
However I have yet to figure out how to create a proper DFU package for using it.

As an intermediate step I am using USB CDC for testing.
The Arduino is detected as flash drive when hitting twice the reset button
I have converted a compiled arduino sketch binary with to uf2 format.
If I try to copy over this image to the arduino flash drive it is ejected suddenly and the transfer appears to fail.

I am not entirely sure if it is possible to do OTA for the Arduino framework in this way.
If anyone as experience with this and can enlighten us I would highly appreciate this.