How to use arduino and bluetooth 4.0 module with low power consumption?

Hello Friends,

I want to count the objects passing through the conveyor and send the datas to a computer wirelessly and permanently.Moreover,I dont want to use cable communication and cable power supply.

I have already found a solution by using;

  • Arduino Uno
  • HC05 bluetooth module
  • Sharp Sensor
  • 9v Battery
    but ,battery consumed after 5 hours.

Is there a way to extend battery life? I have those modules right now:

  • Arduino Nano and Arduino Uno
  • HM10 and HC05 Bluetooth modules
  • Sharp Distance Sensor,Ir Sensor and HCSR04 ultrasonic sensor

Also,I want to build a good infrastructure for other sensor types like temperature,humidity etc. I have been researching for a long and I am stuck.I am open any solution about new modules,programming tips,libraries etc.What do you suggest?Are Ir Sensor,HM10 and arduino nano good solutions for the project?