How to use ESP32S to receive bluetooth audio signal ?

After hours searching an answer i don't know how to use my ESP32S(WIFI/Bluetooth) as an audio bluetooth receptor.

My goal is to connect a smatphone or pc on the ESP and it will give an analogic signal (dac integred), i also want to have volume, play and pause buttons but i don't know how to this,
May you please help me ? thanks ^^

My ESP32:
ESP32 WROOM 32 Espressif XX0H32 WIFI/Bluetooth (node32s for arduino IDE)

That being said: are you aware that you can buy Bluetooth audio receivers for a couple of dollars? They use specialized chips with an integrated DAC, amplifier and Bluetooth radio. Unless you want to learn Bluetooth and audio programming or unless you have very specific requirements, I wouldn’t recommend the DIY ESP32 approach.


My EPS is not compatible for ESP-ADF A2DP-SINK ?

My EPS is not compatible for ESP-ADF A2DP-SINK ?

That doesn't matter, you just might have to configure your hardware differently so it uses the right audio output. The code still demonstrates the necessary principles.

For the moment i didn't configure anything because i can't import my program on ESP (esp-idf mp3 decoder )
when i configure my esp-idf the "make menuconfig" command do not work :frowning:

$ make menuconfig
Makefile:8: C:/mysys32/home/Utilisateur/esp/esp-idf/make/ No such file or directory
make: *** Aucune règle pour fabriquer la cible « C:/mysys32/home/Utilisateur/esp/esp-idf/make/ ». Arrêt.

thanks you!

I've never used the ESP-ADF or ESP-IDF on Windows, I use Linux for that kind of stuff.

Did you follow the getting started and installation instructions?

This is an Arduino forum, and the ESP-ADF is not related to Arduino in any way (except that both can be used to program an ESP32), so it's not the best place to ask for support about it.

This is not a beginner project, and the ESP-ADF is not aimed at beginners, what's your programming experience?

Should I do this on Linux?
My programming experience stops at C++ (arduino programming) and WEB programming. I have already been able to do some programming on Linux but this is very limited.

Unfortunately for my project, I found myself obliged to use this ESP, I can no longer change trajectory.

I asked my question on the Espressif forum, but no answer since yesterday…

Should I do this on Linux?

No, it should be possible on Windows, as the link I posted includes installation instructions for Windows, but I've never used it on Windows, so I can't help you, I can only point you to the documentation.

yes thanks ^^ i already used the documentation you send to me but it doesn't work sadly


I've written an Arduino library to do just this. It's available on github with more documentation at instructables. It has a software volume control as well as digital filtering. Hope this helps.