How to use the HOLD code in keypad.h

So I am trying to use the HOLD key code to act like a switch in my code.

For example, imagine I have two bulks of code: bulk1 and bulk2. I want to be able to use the # key on my 3x4 keypad to act like a switch between either bulk1 or bulk2 being the 'active' code, instead of using a separate push button.

"Without any holding of keys bulk1 code is 'actiive', if the # key on the keypad has been held for 5 seconds run bulk 2, if the # key is held for another 5 seconds go back to bulk1".

Sorry if my idea sounds crude but it makes sense in my head, I just cant find any examples of the HOLD key being used very extensively.

Thanks and please be kind haha.

You do realise that we can’t see your code?

To handle multiple keys you will need to use an event listener. See the EventKeypad example in the Keypad library.

Set a PRESSED flag and start a timer when the '#' is pressed.
Clear a PRESSED flag when the '#' is released.
When a key arrives, if the PRESSED flag is set and the timer has reached 5 seconds, toggle the BULK1/BULK2 flag and clear the PRESSED flag. Then act on the key.

You may want to have an LED that follows the BULK1/BULK2 flag so the user knows which set is selected.