How to use the NFC module ANT7-T-ST25DV04K with the Arduino UNO


My intention is to send information from one NFC module to another. To do this, I will use Arduino UNO + PN532 as NFC reader and ANT7-T-ST25DV04K + Arduino UNO as NFC tag. The question is that I don't know how to write the code to configure the ANT7-T-ST25DV04K to receive the data from the PN532. If anyone has any example of code for the Arduino UNO, I would appreciate it. I attach an image to better understand the communication.

That ST25DV04K is a dynamic NFC tag from ST. The easiest way to get started on it is use your mobile phone and download STM's NFC phone app to talk to the ST25DV04K. I have a library for the ST25DVxx but it's for the STM32. I can share it with you if you think you can re-write part of it to use Arduino's Wire library instead

Yes please, share it with me if you can, as I don't rule out using STM32.

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