Hx711 work with load Cell 500kg or more?

Hx711 work with load Cell 500 kg or more?

Load cell specifications are not only to maximum load capacity.
And it's not the maximum load capacity that judge whether it can be measured with HX711.
It depends on other specifications of the load cell.
I think you can get an answer by showing the load cell you actually want to use.

Yes, In general.

Each load cell is designed to output more or less the same signal for 100% load. So a 100g load cell and a 500kg load cell will both put out the same signal at their maximum load.

That said you have to look at the 500kg load cell specification and see if it is appropriate to use the HX711 amplifier.
My guess is it will be OK but I can't tell without knowing the load cell specifications.

i tried using the sketch for calibration but the measurements are unstable. the load cell excitation voltage is 10v to 15v.

Now you have a problem, I don't think the HX711 will accept a signal from a 10V load cell.

To use the HX711 the load cell has to be powered by the HX711 terminals. This will result on a much lower voltage on the load cell but since the load cell is only resistors it should not be a problem.

Make sure you are loading it correctly. You can't bend the load cell you have to have a platform on top and bottom to stress it correctly. Google beam load cell and you should see some examples

I think that the voltage supplied to the load cell in many HX711 modules is set to about 4.3V.
This doesn't match the recommended conditions for your load cell.
However, the load cell is just a resistor bridge, so it shouldn't be completely inoperable.
The voltage output is 2mV/V in your load cell, so if the analog output voltage of the HX711 is 4.3V, your load cell is 8.6mV output at full scale.
I think this is within range for general use with the HX711 of set to a gain of 128.
Be careful with your hardware setup, load cells are very sensitive devices.

Datasheet load Cell: 5v to 12v excitation voltage

This video shows someone using a model CZL-642 500kg load cell with an HX711 amplifier and Arduino:

I watched this video, but it seems that the measurements are not correct, just like mine.

What are your measurements? What about your measurements seem incorrect?

He does not stabilize reading when I leave a weight in the balance he will increasing the weight

Can you provide some data? Does your program output kg or A/D counts?

Load Cell Creep

Power tools and bare feet :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile: :laughing:

See in minute 2:25 a bottle of water weighing only 50 grams.

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