Hyundai LCD Help

Does anyone have any experince / information on an LCD display with the part number HG25601-C?

Post some pictures from both sides. Include close-ups of any connectors and their labels. Also any chip numbers. Maybe it's actually a "standard" interface.

I have the exact same display - about 5.5"+. Model number: HG25601-C, but a paper sticker has: BG25504NG-01 and below on this sticker is: S71200453
Does anyone have schema and what driver one need to use? It seems to me that it has lots of memory chips on the back (4 of them with 4 large chips in the back. I like to run some test on it using Adruino or Raspberry PI. Thank you all!

Did you actually read #2?

I did. But if there is something you like to point it out, please let me know. Sometimes I don’t see what others can see the first time.
If you like me to take pictures, I can do that but I don’t know where to put them here, sorry.
Thank You very much. Much love for you and all.
PS: Please search for this: Reference number AES052 on this: Surplus Stock and there are 2 pictures of my LCD display. But I can take pictures you need, just need help how to put the picture here.

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