I am having problems using SKM53 GPS with Arduino UNO

I am trying to get latitude and longtitude datas from arduino uno via Skylab skm53 gps module.I have uploaded a demo code.The code owner says you will get sample outputs like this: Latitude : 30.330136 :: Longitude : 31.057404 Latitude : 30.330092 :: Longitude : 31.057339 But from my arduino I just saw in the serial monitor:

Latitude : 0.0000000 :: Longitude : 0.0000000 Latitude : 0.0000000 :: Longitude : 0.0000000

I have already included Libraries NewSerialsoft and TinyGPS but still i had no response from the arduino

please help me m really in a trouble

You will find the answer in the same thrad you copied the question from. You know the one with SKM53 in the title.