i am trying to implement the servo motor robotic arm with arduino,

i am trying to implement below programme,i am getting loop continousoly,after certain period it making the arm to make wrong positions with out the defined angles,can anybody help me.
Servo Servo1;
Servo Servo2;
Servo Servo3;
Servo Servo4;

int aiJointPara[3][4]
void setup()

void GotoPathPoint(int iPathId)

void loop()

for(int i=0;i<3;i++)

is there any other method to programme 4 servo motors at a time in arduino

The code looks ok and it sounds like it works for a while so I suspect you have a power issue - how are you powering the servos? Note that "from the arduino" is not a good answer.

yes, i am giving power from arduino,sorry to say that,but can u provide me another way of programming the servo motors,or some idea how can i programme the servo motors. thank you for your reply

You can sometimes get away with powering a single non-loaded servo from an arduino, but it's not a good idea if you want it to last. You need separate power for the servos. Check this thread powering servos - in reply #12 you'll see JimboZA's diagram showing you how to wire up three servos.

yes, i got it thank you for your reply, can i make any modifications for my progrmming, thank u

Hard to say - what does your program do that you don't want? What isn't it doing that you do?

That said, it's rarely a good idea to use delay. Take a look at Robin2's example code, or the IDE's blink without delay sketch to see how to use millis instead.