I have a question for using ultrasonic sensor

How do I know which commands I can use with the ultrasonic sensor

First, specify what ultrasonic sensor. Do you mean a HC-SR04 ultrasonic rangefinder?

If so, you can write your own code to get the range in feet, millimeters, centimeters, etc. or you can use a library like the NewPing library.

In my case, I'm new to this type of sensor, and I'm wanting to learn how to use it to make projects with it, to know the library commands I have or I can even download the library I saw on the website you sent. The library I have is Ultrasonic.h

Here is the reference for the Ultrasonic library.

The page that I linked has decent documentation. It explains all of the functions of the library. And there are example codes with the library.

Is there something specific that you do not understand?


HC-SR04 arduino tutorial

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