i need help on code

I need help my project says expected initializer before ‘currentStateCLK’ on my code

 // Include the Servo Library
 #include <Servo.h>
 // Rotary Encoder Inputs
 #define inputCLK 4
 #define inputDT 5
 // Create a Servo object
 Servo myservo;
 int counter = 0; 
 int currentStateCLK;
 int previousStateCLK; 

 void setup() { 
   // Set encoder pins as inputs  
   pinMode (inputCLK,INPUT);
   pinMode (inputDT,INPUT);
   // Setup Serial Monitor
   Serial.begin (9600);
   // Attach servo on pin 9 to the servo object
   // Read the initial state of inputCLK
   // Assign to previousStateCLK variable
   previousStateCLK = digitalRead(inputCLK);


 void loop() 
  // Read the current state of inputCLK
currentStateCLK; = digitalRead(inputCLK);
   // If the previous and the current state of the inputCLK are different then a pulse has occured
   if (currentStateCLK != previousStateCLK){ 
     // If the inputDT state is different than the inputCLK state then 
     // the encoder is rotating counterclockwise
     if (digitalRead(inputDT) != currentStateCLK) { 
       counter --;
       if (counter<0){
     } else {
       // Encoder is rotating clockwise
       counter ++;
       if (counter>180){
     // Move the servo
     Serial.print("Position: ");
   // Update previousStateCLK with the current state
   previousStateCLK = currentStateCLK; 

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currentStateCLK; = digitalRead(inputCLK);

Please study the reference page for the assignment operator until you can find what is wrong with this line:

that was a good page but it did not help with my code issue

look for the stray semi-colon!

so should I remove the semicolon

“so should I remove the semicolon ”

So what happened when you did?

A semicolon ends a line of code.

You need one for each line, but no extras.

thank you I removed the extra semicolon but same problem

Most likely you removed the wrong “extra”.

See post #1.

Don’t forget to post your updated code (using code tags and in a new post) so we can see the mistakes.

void loop()
<———<<<< missing a >>>>———> {
// Read the current state of inputCLK
currentStateCLK = digitalRead(inputCLK);

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ok I removed a semicolon so instead of currentStateCLK; = digitalRead(inputCLK); I did currentStateCLK = digitalRead(inputCLK);

void loop()
{ <------<<<< you are also missing the opening brace