i received arduino stater kit how i can reconize resistors from color

someone can help me today i received my arduino uno r3 kit but i have problem with resistors . i have one package in blue color resistor with brown ,black, black, red ,red and other resistors they have brown,black,orange,gold . i uploded also pics if someone can help me thanks very much

[u]Resistor Color Code[/u]

The first two colors are regular digits, the 3rd is the multiplier (or the number of zeros) and the 4th is the tolerance. (Gold is 5%).


That's a 10K Ohm resistor - Brown =1 Black =1 Orange = 3 more zeros =10,000 Ohms

brown ,black, black, red ,red

I think you're reading that one backwards. It's a 1% resistor (brown tolerance band) so it's got an extra color band. Red = 2 Red = 2 Black = 0 Black = 0 (no additional zeros) 220 Ohms.

It's also a really good idea to get a multimeter so you can measure the resistance and confirm you're reading it right...


So when i read a resistor always i have to start from brown color side ?

This project could help you learn.

DVDdoug: That's a 10K Ohm resistor - Brown =1 Black =1 Orange = 3 more zeros =10,000 Ohms

Black =1 Black =0

Sometimes it is not obvious which way round to read the stripes - you always have the option of measuring with a multimeter (also handy when the resistor body is blue and the orange and brown colours are hard to distinquish against a coloured background)