I want to add USB, TF card and Bluetooth connectivity to a vintage car stereo.

Hi All.

Firstly...Sorry. I am a complete noob at making an Arduino do something never done before (to my knowledge). I have used them before to make things i have found online.

I have an old car and want a suitably period stereo in it. I have an OLD cassette deck that i want to retro fit with a Bluetooth control module, TF card slot and a USB socket all for running audio files over...Maybe aven a 3.5mm aux in but thats just a solder in job.

I have bought a XY-BT module from China Linky. This works well but has a massive disadvantage of having the worlds worst Chinglish voice effects.

So i was thinking. Could a nano with some daughter boards do what i want or a full on board?

I initially thought Raspberry pi but they have such issues with cutting power without shutdown that i hoped to avoid with an Arduino.

Any advice or pointers to similar projects would be great as, as i say. I am a bit of a noob.


you can add a transmitter, use the existing radio and just tune the radio to that of the transmitter.
you get to use the old radio, but you can select what it receives.
that is the way most of the interfaces are

MP3 transmitter

You mean FM transmitters? They are dreadful quality.

I want to rip the guts from an old broken cassette deck (no radio function) and retro add the connections i mentioned above.

I also want to have a clean retro look in the old car. No modern gadgets on show. The music will be internal on a USB stick (i can live with that being seen) or a TF card or bluetooth with a device in the glovebox/pocket etc.

Of course this can be done with an Arduino. But first, I have to ask:

Do you want to do this for the sake of making it yourself?
Do you want to go the cheapest route?
How comfortable are you at writing code for the Arduino & peripherals?

I ask because there are several off-the-shelf solutions that can hide inside an old cassette deck. These won't suffer from poor coding or component compatibility...and quite possibly be cheaper. Definitely quicker.

I figure since you are asking here that you want the satisfaction of making it yourself. In that case, there are plenty of options to make an Arduino.

There are several MP3 modules out there:

  • DFPlayer Mini Example here
  • YX6300 UART Control Serial MP3 Music Player Module For Arduino Example here
  • TZT Mp3 nondestructive decoder board Built-in amplifier mp3 module mp3 decoder TF card U disk decoding player Example here
  • GPD2846A TF Card MP3 Decoder Board 2W Amplifier Module for Arduino GM Power Supply Module Example here

These are just a few examples. Lots of others. Modules for FM radio, bluetooth, amplifiers.

Be patient, scour the internet, piece together other peoples projects/code, and ask questions as needed.

**Disclaimer: I am not recommending a certain product or website over another.

I remember having seen cassette-CD player adapters. So you could connect your CD walkman to something the shape of a compact cassette, then stick that on in the regular cassette slot, and play CDs on the old (well, at that time not so old) cassette player.

For your case - it may be feasible to gut an old cassette and place a Bluetooth thing in it, then have that transfer the music through the cassette head to your radio. For this I'd start with a small Bluetooth headphone or so.

Or if you want the easy way out, buy one such thing. I know, one 1-star review, it's just the first that came up on a quick Google search.