I2c and oscilloscope

Just got a present - a Siglent SDS 1104X-e oscilloscope.

Tried to use it to decode I2C communication by following the user manual and videos on Youtube. But I cannot get anything out of it.

In the picture below you can see there is a yellow warning under the I2C column and "No data" in the Time column.

I have searched for a solution/explanation but without success. So I was hoping someone on this forum may have any solution on this?

(BTW, tried to get a picture when there was data on the bus, but that was not easy. Will try again later).

In case the picture does not show up, you and find it here.

first obvious question: are the scope input and the Arduino on the same ground?

Yes. Both probes are connected to arduino ground.

The pictures is not the best since I the mobile to too slow to take a picture at the right moment. But I have seen nice curves from both SCL and SDA.

I’ll will try to take a better picture later.